Our Staff

Head Teacher        Mrs Julie McKellar

Class Teachers     Mrs Linda Leyland (Primary 1-3)

                              Ms Gail McCorquodale (Primary 4-7) 0.7 FTE

Pre 5                      Mrs Angela Henderson (Childcare and Educational Worker)

                              Miss Caroline Liddell (Childcare and Education Worker)

ASN                       Mrs Susan Adrian

ASN                       Ms Michelle King

ASN                       Mrs Gillian Judd

ASN/Clerical Assistant          Mrs Catriona Wilson

Janitor                                    Mr John Moore

Catering Staff                         Mrs Ann Speirs and Mhairi Cairney

P.E.                                        Mrs Fiona MacLean (0.1 FTE)

Piping (Chanter)                     Mr Craig Campbell

Fiddle                                     Miss Catriona Ward            

Educational Psychologist       Mr Stuart Craig