Our Staff

Head Teacher         Miss Julie Henry

Class Teachers       Mrs Linda Leyland (Primary 1-4)

                              Ms Gail McCorquodale (Primary 5-7) 0.6 FTE

Pre 5                      Mrs Angela Henderson (Childcare and Educational Worker)

                              Miss Caroline Liddell (Childcare and Education Worker)

ASN/Classroom Assistant      Mrs Susan Adrian

ASN                                        Miss Caroline Liddell

ASN/Clerical Assistant          Mrs Catriona Wilson

Janitor                                    Mr John Moore

Catering Staff                         Mrs Ann Speirs and Ms J McKeown

P.E.                                        Mrs Fiona MacLean (0.1 FTE)

Piping (Chanter)                     Mr Craig Campbell

Fiddle                                     Miss Catriona Ward            

Educational Psychologist       Mr Stuart Craig